Sketching School over Zoom

Join Miss Nancy on Zoom for 30 minutes each week to develop and practice your drawing skills! Geared toward ages 6-12 (but great practice for anyone) this simple and fun opportunity is a great way to sharpen drawing skills.

Each participating artist (and you can gather as many artists as you want around the computer) only needs a spiral bound sketchbook (or piece of paper), a pencil, and an eraser!

A monthly tuition invoice will be sent to the person responsible at the beginning of each month, due by the 10th, for that month.  

Follow this link to see available time-slots, pricing, policies, and to register:


Traveling Art classes & workshops!

Beginning Fall 2024 we will be ready to BRING ART TO YOU!

If you have a group of kid or adult artists who would benefit from a one-day workshop or 4-6 weeks of weekly classes; and a location where they could meet; we want to hear from you!

This traveling art opportunity offers young artists an educational experience with an art emphasis. We have modules focused on overviews of periods of art history or deep-dives into specific animal groups. Information sessions with related art projects, grow artistic skill as well as knowledge on the topic. Artists will receive a certificate of completion, and drawing/painting techniques and processes they can use as they continue to practice art on their own!

Adult watercolor workshops are also available. We offer workshops for beginners and hobbyists, and advanced watercolor instruction.

Because traveling art is very specific to the location and situation, contact us for a consultation to see if this would be a good fit!

Contact us by filling out the "Get In Touch" form at the bottom of this page.

FREE color sheets to download!

Download and print these color sheets to inspire artists of all ages!

A is for Art!
Color a Croc!
Color a Horse!
Colorful Toucan!
Cute Chameleon!
Frogs on a Log!
Happy Fish!
Hippo at the Beach!

Brush and Sketch Merch

Show your enthusiasm for Brush and Sketch - get merch!



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